Four Weeks to Improve Google Adsense Earnings

Today there are millions of web pages using Google AdSense   to earn extra income. Google AdSense is the biggest player in the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising network.To earn revenue with Google AdSense, you must place the AdSense ad code on your site and AdSense will display ads, relevant ads on your website and whenever any visitor clicks on that ad you earn money. Normally each visitor’s click, you will earn $ 0. 01 to $ 10 + per click advertising.Earnings per click depends on many different reasons how popular or competitive keywords that are in countries where the ad is displayed.
Many web site owners or bloggers are not happy with their AdSense earnings. Many websites receive more ad clicks, but revenue per click is very low or more sites are very few clicks. There may be various reasons why you are low income. Maybe the ads of your appointment does not comply hupj page content, or advertisements that have no value on the bid …

If the niche your site has fewer advertisers and for this reason, you can not change the relevance of your site.

Today I will post four simple steps that can double your AdSense revenue. Your income will not increase in a day. 4 This step may take 4 weeks to increase or even double your AdSense revenue. Each week, you should note the estimated income in your Adsense week how is it different for each click, you’ll stick with the most successful set of you that may increase future income you.

Before beginning a few things you should know.

1. You can put up to three AdSense ad units on a site.

2. Google likes sites quickly.
3. Google likes content rich, so you have much more to writing content in each article.
4. Not Spam, and your post is not copied from an external source.
5. Trying to increase traffic to your website without visitors, is also useless with Google Adsense.

Before you begin to change anything you note on your page is set as many ad units?.For ad sizes and colors how?
Now you’re ready to set up your past now it is time for change. As you know Google AdSense allows you to put 3 ad units per page and the AdSense ad units as large as 728 × 90, 360 × 280, 160 × 600 attractions and the size of the unit ad. As you know the size of ad units you are using in the first week, you need to place the ad unit size on your web page.
In the first week, I would suggest you put 3 ad units on your site as this will give you ideas to best place ads for your ad. Normally I do not propose to three ad units per page, as this would reduce revenue for each click of your mouse. Before rushing to change the ad unit, you must consider design and web site noted above, where you can place the ad units.Being the big advertisers get the most clicks, I would suggest you use a combination of advertising as large as 728 × 90, 360 × 280, 160 × 600. , Place ads at the bottom of the page will not get many clicks to choose the right place is important.
If you are a blogger then some place good advertising can be just after the article title and the content, sidebar and bottom of the content. Find the right place for Google AdSense ads on your site can be a little difficult.Place ads rely on web pages to each site has different patterns and styles so you have to find the right place.


If you’re ready, you can place new ad code on your website. It will be much better if you can use different colors for different ad units you. Ad default colors are blue and the many visitors to easily recognize this is an ad and click on your ad. You should try to match color ad with color combination of your web page.Do not forget to record the changes in the first week you made on your site as many ad units, ad size and color advertising.
Note: Google AdSense gives you the option to name the channel for each ad you create it is the advice to create these channels will help you track your ad performance.
Note after a week as your total income in the week, the ad unit that has the most clicks, any color have more clicks, the ad units that have high income per click.

Start of week 2, you can learn about the different ad units. You have to figure out which ad units do bad, bad ad size or place where it is.
This week all the colors change ad unit colors to the best of the week is the best one for you. Replace the unit of ad clicks or less with no advertising for smaller units such as 468 × 60, 250 × 250 etc.

Starting in week 3, you have the new facility once again. Note to the ad unpopular income of clicks or less …
This week to remove the ad unit bad, not good from your web page. Now you are left with two ad units can display highly sophisticated high input of each click.
In 4 steps, you’ll find what works best for your web site to place ads, less or more ad units and ad color for best results.

Now, once again you have the new premises of the third week. Find out which ads low of 3 weeks to remove it from your web page. Now you only have one ad unit.I would suggest that the ad unit should put it at the top of the article (shown as Ad nên website is open without scrolling down the page).

After the fourth week, you had sufficient basis to distinguish them. But the order of ads in four weeks to earn the highest incomes and the ad units are the most clicks. Thereby you will probably be the best way to select and display the ads well and place it lies in what you think is best in 4-week trial period?

Ok! wish you to choose the best ads for earn extra income via Adsense this ..A SUCCESS!

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