A Year From Now You Will Have Wished You Started Today

This beautiful quote by Karen Lamb is one that we should all take special note of. Think about it, if you want to learn something new and do nothing, a year from now you will have wished you started today. Decide what it is that you really want to learn. For me it is Photoshop. And right now I wish I had started five years ago, once I was up and running online. Oh the things I wish I could do and would be able to do if only … However I now have started so in 12 months time I should be creating true masterpieces.

Six years ago I was a really green online newbie who was struggling to understand all this new terminology. But I kept at it, learning a little more each day, until I understood it. Now I feel confident in most things I do online. Sure I still have problems for some technical things, then so does almost everyone I know. Besides, I don’t particularly want to be a technical whiz, I want to write, create, help and teach others, pass on what I have learnt.

It’s not enough to just learn something new, you must practice it daily until it becomes second nature. I am learning so much in Photoshop, but sometimes it might be a few days or even weeks until I want to create an effect that I have learned. And because I haven’t practiced it, I have to go back to my notes. I rarely go back to the instruction manual, I’ve always preferred to make my own notes as to what I think is important. Cut out the fluff if you will.

I have other things I want to learn but these will have to wait until I am confident in what I am currently learning. It would be silly and counterproductive for me to try and learn two new pieces of software at once. Even though I’m itching to get started.

Writing is a skill that doesn’t come easy to many. I’m lucky in that I find writing easy, in fact I love it and always have done. For those of you who find writing hard, all I can suggest is practice, practice practice. Go back to those posts that you wrote six months ago, and try rewriting them. You’ll be amazed at the difference because you have been practicing without realizing it each time you write something new.

I’ve never written a sales page but will need to write one for the product I am creating for the 90 day challenge. So what will I do? I’ve already started. I search for free tutorials and read those. I look at other sales pages and make notes about what I like don’t like. When the time comes for me to create my own sales page, I can refer to my notes and apply what I’ve been learning.

For me, life is all about learning. The day I stop learning is the day I start pushing up daisies. I already have my next four lives planned out. I want to do archaeology, forensics, history and learn more about the brain. And for me to learn all the things I’d like to in this lifetime, need to live to the age of at least 150, perhaps 200. Now that would excite me, I don’t care about the body so long as the brain is still functioning well. I have a friend who will be 70 next year and only completed his doctorate four years ago. He is currently writing his first book and has one of the most agile minds I know.

So what about you. What is it that you want to learn. Don’t put it off any longer, start it now. Otherwise, a year from now you will have wished you started today and be regretting that lost time. Don’t be like that, start it now. Don’t let yourself be another if only …

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