Month: June 2021

  • The Law Of Addition

    Just in case anyone gets the false idea that I eat perfectly healthy raw food 100% of the time, I’m going to lay it all out there for you and tell you the truth. Sometimes, I eat chocolate…the non-organic

  • The Indiana Pacers Preview

    Season Preview for the Indiana Pacers: Time to Put the Rubber to the Road
    The Pacers, always the “what if” team. They can be considered a small market team with one superstar player in Paul George, but they’re making their

  • How To Stop Windows 10 Update

    How To Stop Windows 10 Update

    Windows 10’s two times per year refreshes mean all the more new highlights, all the more frequently. Shockingly, significant updates can likewise break things. On the off chance that you’d prefer stand by until the bugs are crushed, change this …

  • Alienware Best Gaming Laptops

    When choosing a laptop that will be used for gaming, whether for online play, single player, or at LAN  parties, speed and quality graphics are key. The features of the best gaming laptop have historically meant spending quite a bit …

  • A Song of Rats and Bears

    So you play as wolves, bears, rabbits and rodents for salvation or dominance? Sounds a lot like a game of thrones plot and anything game of thrones-ish gets me by principle. So when the League Of Geeks asked me to …