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So you have your own home business? But what are you using for a business phone number? Did you pay to get a separate line installed, add a second number to your current line, or perhaps purchased a forwarding number elsewhere? How would you like to have a FREE PHONE NUMBER that you can give to all your customers? And how would you like to have your messages transcribed and texted to your cell phone when you can’t answer your phone? And wouldn’t it be great to have your business line ring at home when you are ‘in your office’, but on your cell phone when you are ‘out and about’?

When I first started doing some home business work I ran into this issue of phone numbers. I had my home phone number, a second number that I used for faxing, and my cell phone number. I definitely did not want people calling my home phone number for business activities. With two teenage boys in the house, who knows what a prospective customer may have to deal with! I also did not relish the thought of giving out my cell phone number since I was on a set number of minutes and was trying hard to stay within my budget!

Enter Google! One day I was browsing the internet to see if perhaps I could get a cheap 800 number (which seemed like a good idea) and I came across Google Voice. I researched how it works and how to set it up and found it to be exactly what I needed!


Not only did Google Voice have everything that I needed, but IT IS FREE! That boggled my mind (or should I say googled my mind?).

In addition to being FREE, it has so many features:

* You can pick your own new number
* You can choose to forward your calls to ring on ANY or ALL of your phones (home, office, cell, etc.)
* You can customize your account to forward to certain phones based on the time of day
* It can email messages for you to listen at your convenience
* It can transcribe messages to TEXT and forward them to your cell phone
* You can make free calls (within the USA) using your Google number
* Conference calling is available
* Your account has all the flexibility you need to record greetings and customize your preferences


To get a Google Voice number you will first need to have a Google Account. If you have a gmail email address, or perhaps use Google calendar or any other Google product, then you already have an account. You can go to

and either sign in with your Google id or Create an ID.


In summary, I love my Google voice number! And my husband love his! It takes a bit of time to check our all the options and settings, but it is well worth it!


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