Article Marketing to Get Traffic with Free Backlinks


Ok, great question folks. I’m glad you asked. Article marketing is is the concept of submitting an article (it doesn’t have to be long) to different sites that will either publish the information for you or allow you to publish the article to yourself.


Oooh! Another great question. Backlinks are links on one site that lead back to your blog or website.

Article marketing is another way to get links of your blog or website out there on the great big web directing traffic (hopefully) back to your site. This will help generate traffic for your website in two ways.

Remember that the more quality and relevant sites that you have your links on, the better Google will rank you and the more likely you will get organic traffic from searches people will do on the search engines looking for information you have.


You shouldn’t go out and post links on as many sites as you can find all at once just to have a bunch of back links. It doesn’t work this way. This is spamming and will get you on the bad side of the search engines. Not to mention it will turnoff any potential visitors.

Do some research and find an article submission site that you would like to use. You do want to use more than one site. That way your information will show up across the web and someone searching for that type of information (and the search engines) will see you as having more authority.

I recommend starting with one site, then when you get familiar with it you can branch out to another. While you are getting familiar with the site, you are also getting familiar with the community on that site. (If you use one that has a community.) When you are involved in the community, you are building relationships with others that will help you along in your journey. They will also visit your site and may keep coming back if they find it interesting.

Since you want the articles to be relevant to your topic, you can talk about your product, service. I write an article about similar information to what I have on my blog. I will write my blog post, and then I go and write a companion piece to the post with a link in the article to my blog. I will choose a small part of the post that I can expand on and instead of maybe writing another post I just create an article. In the article I will add relevant links by choosing words in the article that would be relevant to the blog post and make them a link leading to the post.

How do you use article submission to get traffic to your sites?

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