Strategic Mobile Marketing

Most everyone knows this scenario. You meet someone at a gathering (business meeting, party, bar, church) and you find you have things in common or have a reason you would like to connect again. You want to give him your business card but you don’t have them with you. You want to give him your number but you don’t have a pen. If this was a business contact, you could’ve just lost a client or at best made a very bad first impression.
Let’s change that scenario a little. You meet someone very important to whom you really want to make a great impression and stand above the crowd. When you leave the meeting, you hand over a standard business card. Besides yourself, a paper business card has typically been a major marketing tool; it must stand out and be a great impression. Therefore, your business card must be a representation of you.
This is why cutting edge professionals who want to stand above the crowd are now using mobile SMS business cards. A mobile business card is like giving a personal, interactive, full color brochure all about how fantastic you or your company is. Instead of handing a business card to someone who can then lose it, misplace it, put it in a stack to be lost with others, or use it as a toothpick, have an SMS marketing business card. Your prospect will be able to text your name to a number and can get your contact details and so much more. It will be on their mobile phone not to be easily lost.


1. They contain rich content about you to make the biggest impression.
2. They cost 50% less than paper cards, you pay no shipping, and don’t wait for them to arrive in the mail.
3. The content is instantly dynamic. You’re not stuck with 500 business cards from before you were promoted to Vice-President and moved to Florida.
4. You get the requester’s phone number in a database which can be automatically texted or emailed to you. Now that’s slick.
5. You can give someone your business card from 100 miles away.
6. People will think you are really cool and on the cutting edge of technology.
7. No trees will die. They are eco-friendly.
The possibilities are really endless depending on your line of business or need for personal use. Your main business card can be up to three texts long. That’s 160 characters per text. A typical card will have the standard:
-Phone number which is clickable for an instant call.
-Email address which is clickable to send an instant email.
-Your business website link that’s clickable.
-Social Media links. People can ‘Friend’ you, ‘Like’ you, ‘Follow’ you, or ‘Connect’ to you right from your card.
-Landing page links.


Landing pages can be created to provide relevant content. Some examples of landing pages are:
-if you are a restaurant owner, provide the location and menu
-if you work in retail, have coupons that can be used at your store
-if you are an author, have a teaser for your new book
-if you provide a service, have testimonials
-if you work in real estate, have a link for each of your listings which include a description and pictures
-if you are looking for a job, provide your bio and a resume
-if you work for a non-profit charity, provide info about the charity and a form to sign up for volunteering.
-for personal use, have a picture, bio and links to social media.
Strategic Mobile can help you build an SMS business card that will make people notice and provide you with confidence when you give it. The design and functionality of your SMS card is limited only by the imagination and remember, it can change as frequently as you change your clothes. Many companies will claim to provide you with an eCard, mCard, iCard, SMS Card or the like, but don’t get stuck with a digital card that is not interactive and full of great stuff about you, your business, or your cause.

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