Top Ideas for Blog Posting

Blogging is a fun hobby. Monetize your blog, and your hobby can get you money. Once you publish a few posts, you soon start running out of ideas. To help you get out of that writer’s block, a few ideas for blog posting are given here.

1. Lists

Lists keep your post tidy and clean. They are easy to read, and people prefer lists than long paragraphs. You can create lists like “10 movies I like”, or “My top 5 favorite songs”.

2. Reviews

Another great thing to make your blog an instant hit. Write about the products, services or any other things that you have used. You can write movie reviews, or reviews on restaurants- just about anything. People like to know about others’ first hand experience of things.

3. How-to

It is a kind of list, except it is in the form of steps. You can write about things that you know. Explain them in simple steps so that people can easily follow them.

4. Current events

If you are interested in news and current events, you can post them in your own words. This type of blog posting  will make people visit your blog on a daily basis, to read more about current events and news.

5. Tips

Do you have kitchen tips? Or tips on gardening? If you have tested and true tips on different things, people will find your blog interesting, and keep visiting for more and more tips.

6. Interviews

It is not always possible to post interviews if you do not have the right contacts, but if you do have, you can interview famous people, and publish their interview in your blog.

7. Gossip

Another thing that catches people’s attention is celebrity gossip. People generally want to know more about their favorite celebrities, so if you have some inside scoops on celebs, post them on your blog.

8. Images and videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video would probably be worth a million. Add images and videos to your post to make them more interesting.

Follow any or all of these ideas to make your blog more interesting. If you want to keep the attention of people, make sure to sprinkle a little humor here and there while blog posting , so that the posts don’t get too dry.

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