Looking for the Best Android Tablet 2013

Monopoly is never a good thing, and thankfully to counter the iPad and various innovations made in the phone and tablet area by Apple the Android smartphones and tablets have been released. If you have just recently gotten notice of the tablet craze, chances are that you may not know what models you can pick or what to base your selection on. There are many candidates out there that can claim to be some of the best Android tablets, and there are a few specific ones that you should pay attention to.

First off, there is the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, one of the best and most recent models to take the market by storm. Being considered by many as state of the art technology, it features a whole 10.1 inch screen, Wi-Fi capabilities and more than 32GB of hard drive space. It comes with an integrated dual-core processor of the Tegra 2 variety as well as 1GB of ram.

According to the clients who have purchased it, some of the many benefits which come along are the fact that it is incredibly light, sleek and stylish, having very powerful display capabilities making all the colors and details stand out. When it comes to the reliability of the machine, it is likely to be one of the most consisted pieces of technology you have laid your hands on.

This is only one of many models that are out there which may be suitable for you. There is for example the MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet, also including a 10.1 inch display capable of displaying whatever you have on-screen in high-definition in a 16:9 format. It’s imbued with a dual-core chipset which as you can guess will make any action you take or application you run faster than ever. It even has a gyroscope along with a powerful graphic capabilities as well as built-in hardware acceleration. This baby can be yours for as low as $460.

If you want something that goes a bit more along the lines of heavy-duty machinery, then maybe you should look into the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Also with a 10.1 inch display and a lightweight design, it is made out of durable materials as well as scratch and dust-resistant glass and is viewable from angles of more than 180 degrees. A custom interface coupled with the ability to access email as easily as it is to browse around various websites, stream movies and play games makes this model great for people who like to move around with their tablet a lot.

All in all, these are only but three of the choices you can take advantage of out there. In reality, there are far more choices than you care to hear about available to you, and without a proper guide to help you find your way in this mess you will probably end up buying something which in the end doesn’t suit you at all.

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